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Red's Rendezvous VIII - Event Schedule Posted!

Event Schedule Posted!

An example of what you can see and learn is right here in this video!  At 11:30 am the crew from OPST will teach these skills right here on the river.  This is just a taste of what you will see and learn here at the Red's Rendezvous VIII. Check out these loops!

11:30 am -  Single Hand Spey Casting with Ben Paull from OPST

Do you want to learn how to do this?!!!  Single Hand Spey Casting with OPST Commando Heads

OPST Commando Skagit Heads - GREAT single hand spey system!

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Charity Sporting Clays Tournament 

Registration: Just call Red's at (509) 933-2300

Form your own group!  We'll be hosting a Sporting Clays Tournament that starts at 11 am - 2 pm at various start times. You can form groups of 2-6 shooters and work the course as a group.

The cost is $25 per shooter AND INCLUDES AMMO!

Call (509) 933-2300 to RSVP.  The shoot will benefit the Ellensburg High School Senior Class!

Outdoor Seminars

11:00 am TROUT SPEY with Tom Larimer

Tom is one of the most revered Spey casting instructors in the country. His Spey casting video entitled “Skagit Revolution” showcases his easy to understand method of instructing the sport. More so, he teaches private lessons near his home in Hood River as well as numerous group clinics throughout the country. His teaching style revolves around the family of lines he designed for Airflo Fly Lines. His contributions to the Spey world include the Skagit Compact, the Skagit Switch, the Skagit Intermediate, the Rage Compact and the Streamer Switch.  Outside of casting instruction and overseeing Larimer Outfitters, Tom is the National Sales Manager for G.Loomis Fly Fishing.

Location:  Just upstream from the boat launch.

12:00 pm - Strategies for More Strikes on Spey Gear by George Cook

George Cook will be hosting a "How to Get More Hookups on Spey Gear" presentation at 12 pm ON the river demonstrating the tactics he has used fishing Steelhead, Salmon, Rainbows, Sea Run Brown Trout and more. He has many skills to teach in addition to spey casting.

Generating more strikes is a great topic and he'll be happy to show you some of his tactics for getting more fish to bite a swinging fly with greater frequency.


2:00 PM - Women's Fly Casting Class Hosted by Kittitas County Women on the Fly

A local women's fly fishing group, Kittco Women on the Fly, will be hosting a women's fly casting class and you can learn more about this local group of ladies and even join.  They are a community group who wants to share, learn, and support each other in fly fishing adventures! They are proudly affiliated with our local Trout Unlimited Chapter, Yakima River Headwaters TU.

Location: Lower meadows near the FFF Casting Area

1:00 PM - How to Become a Better and Stronger Fly Caster by Joe Rotter

Location: The main casting area where the competition is being held. 

Joe Rotter will put on a short seminar at 1 pm on how to become a better fly caster. Its the #1 thing you can do to give yourself a more rewarding, relaxing, and productive adventure!

He will give you some philosophies and ideas on how to improve your accuracy, distance, efficiency, and line speed.  An efficient caster is a relaxed angler. 

10:00 am - 3:30 pm Beginner's Fly Casting Lessons

We'll have beginner's fly casting lessons going on intermittently all day.  The Federation of Fly Fishers has generously committed to helping us teach the next generation of anglers!

Location: Lower meadows down below the Casting Competition area. 

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Spey Caster's Tune-Up

Location: Just upstream from the Boat Launch

We'll have some experts on the riverside with rods and friendly expertise!  Several pros will take turns giving informal lessons to beginners to advanced anglers. Bring your waders and we'll have lots of rods to try.

Since his earliest memories Thom Thornton has been a fisherman.  In his teen years he got a taste of fly fishing for trout and was hooked.  He took up fly fishing in earnest in college and never looked back.  Thom has fished from the Florida keys to the Kenai and a few places in between.  Residing in Western Washington he was exposed to Spey fishing for Salmon and Steelhead 20 years ago and has spent many hours fishing with the long rod.  Thom loves trout fishing and saw the value of using spey casting techniques on small streams and rivers near his home.  Thom has been involved in the fishing industry as a field staff member since 1999.  He is currently NW Ambassador for Temple Fork Outfitters Rods promoting both single hand and two handed rods.

Tom Larimer is one of the most revered Spey casting instructors in the country. His Spey casting video entitled “Skagit Revolution” showcases his easy to understand method of instructing the sport. More so, he teaches private lessons near his home in Hood River as well as numerous group clinics throughout the country. His teaching style revolves around the family of lines he designed for Airflo Fly Lines. His contributions to the Spey world include the Skagit Compact, the Skagit Switch, the Skagit Intermediate, the Rage Compact and the Streamer Switch.  Outside of casting instruction and overseeing Larimer Outfitters, Tom is the National Sales Manager.

Red's will have a couple of our in house guides on the water to demonstrate, cast, and teach.  We have some very good casters and instructors on staff and they are certain to win you over with their friendly approach to teaching and their skill with a two-handed rod. 

12:00 PM - Upland Bird Dog Training Demonstration and Seminar

Location:  This will take place below the resort upstream of most all the vendors.

We'll release several pheasants and bystanders will get to witness pointing dogs track, hunt, and point on these birds. We won't be doing any shooting during this demonstration, its just fun to watch these dogs work!  

10:30 am - How to Wade Fish the Yakima River Canyon by Steve Joyce!

Location: On the river mid-resort

 The Yakima River can be tough to wade!  The water runs high and swift making it challenging to fish on foot. 

Don't worry though! Nobody has more experience wading this river than the Red's Fly Shop staff.  Consider that our shop is about 200' from the water haha!  It will be a demo oriented clinic with an hour of great tips and advice.

11:30 am - Single Hand Spey Casting & Incredible Roll Casts by OPST and Benjamin Paull

Location: On the river mid-resort

Single hand fly rods are capable of INCREDIBLE things!  Come learn how to unleash the power of your single hand rod with single hand spey casting techniques. You'll be really amazed at what these little rods are capable when set up and handled correctly.

12:00 PM - 3:00 PM - How to Row a Drift Boat, Raft, or Watermaster Boat

Location:  Our staff will have a few boats in the water at the UPPER end of the resort.

We will show you how to row the various types of boats and watercraft that we use at Red's.  Its a great opportunity to sit in these boats while they are anchored IN the river!  There will be informal lessons happening all day as the instructor responds to questions and the various skill levels of the students.  

10:00 AM - 3:30 PM - Try Before You Buy - Fly Rod Demo Time!

There will be countless rod companies at Red's willing to let you try any of their models.  This is a great opportunity to cast some fine fly rods and educate yourself on the various actions and styles of fly rods. The pros assisting with this are friendly, fun, and willing to give advice if asked.

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM - Kid's Fly Casting, Archery, and BB Gun Range

Location:  Shooting is at the upper end of the resort property, kids fly fishing activities will circulate around the resort. 


We'll have activities for the kids including fly casting and a well supervised BB Gun Range. Parents will need to escort their kids to the activities of course.  The best part... its all FREE!  We'll have a few 3-D Animals for both kids and adults to shoot at, bring your bow and arrow if you like.

11:00 AM - Beginner's Firearm Handling Lesson

UPDATED Location: This will be a demo with Q and A at the Hunting Works for Washington Table in the lodge foyer.   

We love introducing new shooters and aspiring hunters to this great sport.  Our friendly and professional staff will do a seminar that will teach kids and new shooters the basics of firearm handling, various types of shotguns, and teach the 10 commandments firearm handling.

Indoor Seminars

*Indoor Seminars are located inside Canyon River Lodge

The World's Best Rainbow Trout Fishing?

10:15 AM Ozernaya River, Kamchatka Russia - Mike Hamilton spent two weeks fishing in Kamchatka recently and has written some fantastic articles, check out his writing here. He will share his experiences and answer any questions you might have when planning your trip to fish Russia.  This will directly address questions for anglers interested in traveling with Red's host Joe Rotter to Kamchatka in 2018, OR a Red's hosted trip in 2019.

DIY Local Largemouth Bass and Warmwater Fish

11:00 AM - STEVE MAEDER is an Ellensburg local who has truly fished every river, lake, creek, ditch, and mud puddle that exists in Ea WA.  He has found some gems in that mix, and he is always willing to share ideas with fellow anglers.  His presentation will focus specifically on Bass, however his presentations always evolve into areas of interest based on the audience's question.  

Steve works with Northwest Fly Fishing magazine, so he truly appreciates the value in sharing information with fellow anglers.

Hunt, Harvest, Health

12:00 PM - HUNT, HARVEST, HEALTH - Come meet STHEALTHY HUNTER and Dr. Hillary Lampers. This unique combination of souls is an inspiration to living a healthy outdoor lifestyle and they love to teach. This couple met at Katmai Lodge in Alaska while Ryan worked as a fly fishing guide.  Ryan later helped pioneer some of the trout and steelhead fisheries in Kamchatka, Russia.  Today Ryan and Hillary are most passionate about helping outdoor lovers get the most from their wild game, gardens, and fitness.  Be sure to check out their Podcast/Website for philosophies on health, fitness, and hunting. 

Learn to Catch Sea Run Cutthroat

1:00 PM - CHAD GILLESPIE will teach you how, where, and when to target Sea Run Cutthroat and Salmon in Hood Canal and Puget Sound.  We are lucky to live in the Pacific NW where we have so many diverse fisheries surrounding us.  Captain Chad is going to focus on the Western one - highlighting the Sea Run Cutts of Puget Sound and Hood Canal. 

Make the Most Out of Your Flats Fishing Trips

 2:00 PM - JOE ROTTER wants to help you make the most out of your first or next tropical flats trip!  These trips are big investments so make the most out of it by learning from a pro.  We'll chat about strategy, species, fly selection, and how to improve your cast.

Musky and Pike IN Local Waters!

3:00 pm - DAVID DANA aka The Warmwater Rambler.  

"Traveling throughout the northwest chasing tiger musky is my life. While I have respect for all fish, I spend 95% of my time chasing musky. I live to teach all aspects of warm water fly fishing, from gear to seasonal patterns and movements of the target species. I have been spending a great amount if time this last season right until ice up putting tigers in the boat right up to the first week of December. Unlocking secrecy doorways into the seldom fished winter fishery that does exist for these apex predators. I look forward to seeing you at Reds and possibly in the water." 

PNW Fly Casting Championship

Sponsored by SAGE Fly Rods

Sage Fly Rods and Red's Fly Shop have teamed up to support our veterans of this great country through Project Healing Waters at the Red's Rendezvous VIII.  This event is huge fun for the entire family so bring your kids!

We'll be hosting our famous 5 Weight Fly Casting Championship featuring some of the best non-professional anglers in the PNW.  Its fun to watch and/or participate in.  The contest is all for fun and 100% of your entry fees are donated to Project Healing Waters!  The winner of the non-pro division will take home a Sage X 9' 5 Weight Rod valued at $895! This is an unbelievably generous prize donated by Sage Fly Rods. Honor our vets and enter this friendly competition at the Red's Rendezvous. The Pro Division wins a beer Growler donated by Hatch Fly Reels

Non Pro Winner Gets a SAGE X 9' 5 Weight Rod!

*past non-pro division winners will be required to compete in the pro division.

The winner of the Non-Pro Class will take home a SAGE X 590-4 fly rod, this is the hottest selling premium fly rod on the market. It is valued at $895 and is one of the finest casting instruments we have ever had the pleasure of handling.

General Outline of the 5 Weight Casting Competition:

  • Targets are 20' - 60'
  • Qualifying is 10 am - 2:45 pm
  • Championship is at 3:30 pm - Top Qualifiers will go head to head!
  • $10 Entry Fee per Qualifying Attempt (max 2 attempts)
  • Rules and details available at time of registration

You will see some world class fly casters compete for a prize generously donated by SAGE Fly