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Blake Noble LIVE in the Canyon with Special Guest, Micah J

Blake Noble is an Australian Composer, Guitarist and Didgeridoo player known for his incredible and unique 'Percussive Guitar' style played simultaneously with the ancient Australian Didgeridoo. A musician's musician who transcends genres and ages, captivating audiences both young and old in his adopted home of Seattle, and abroad.
Seattle Weekly says "With each performance, Blake Noble reinvents the traditional image of a one-man band." 
Backbeat Seattle said  "His music at times seems to tell stories that most bands and musicians can’t convey on their best days." 
Join us for an unforgettable night of great music in the Canyon!

Micah J is a vocalist, guitarist, and full-time performer from Central Washington. Micah has played all over the country, . Micah thrills audience with his original songs and a mix of covers ranging from Motown, the Beatles, Tom Petty, and much more.