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New Ownership Bonus Information

Whether you're a longtime CRR guest or you just discovered us, we hope our Spring/ Summer 2018 Incentives package will be of interest to you!

Purchase a Lodge fractional share now for $99,000, and pick from the two categories of bonuses that are b

eing made available as we move into the summer season


Category 1. 

From Category 1 you can select any two of the following Four:

1. Christmas Island fishing trip $2950 - does not include airfare

2. Ascension Bay fishing trip $2995 - does not include airfare

3. 2 years Red's Annual bird hunting membership - $4000

4. 1 year dues credit ($295 X 12) - $3540

Airfares are not included but our staff will assist with specific itinerary details.

Category 2.

If you prefer, you may select a brand new Clackacraft drift boat!  Value $9250 - Only (3) of these are offered.

Review the additional purchase and ownership responsibilities, costs, and privileges in detail at your convenience.  Financing may be available from a local banker, Dale Loveland, at Cashmere Valley Bank in Cle Elum.  It is not mortgage financing, but rather what is generally referred to as portfolio financing.